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Email Id Farmer

img-email-id-farmerThe E-mail ID Farmer is a professional software, which allows you to backup all important email addresses from your Outlook for Windows.

Basically, the E-mail ID Farmer collects and excerpts a certain list containing all of your needed email addresses into a single file.

E-mail ID Farmer also has the ability to extract your email addresses  from more than one source, taking your items from various Outlook PST files or other Outlook folders you have stashed on your computer, by transferring them into an output file as flawless as possible, making sure that no item is either duplicated or modified, furthermore owning the amazing speed by processing up to 3000-5000 addresses per minute!

Due to this amazing performance and speed, the E-mail ID Farmer has the capability of reading multiple PST files at once. Also, this working speed does not affect in any way the quality and outcome of the E-mail ID Farmer, on the contrary, after the process is finishes you will be provided with impeccable, and genuine files!

This program will precisely collect and extract all emails addresses from your To, CC, BCC fields or other additional emails addresses which you own in you Microsoft Outlook for Windows, versions: 2003, 2007 and 2010.

The E-mail ID Farmer also allows you to select, which email address you need to collect or select and which you need to skip, through its self-explanatory wizard and multiple options.

If you need to know more about the E-mail ID Farmer software, please read and learn more about its additional features:

  1. E-mail ID Farmer can extract all email addresses from your Outlook folder for Windows
    E-mail ID Farmer will scan and look for every email addresses, emails, calendar events, address-book contacts and compile a list of all existing addresses by gracefully ignoring those that are duplicated.

    Therefore you will not have to complicate yourself afterwards by selecting and extracting manually all duplicated addresses.

    Moreover, the E-mail ID Farmer wizard presents to you a variation of options, where you can personalize and select what you need the program to make and accomplish with your data.

    The E-mail ID Farmer can handle loads and loads of items, without affecting its outcome, since it will tactfully select everything and as much as you need it to process!

  2. E-mail ID Farmer can extract all addresses from PST files and process everything with one click!

    The E-mail ID Farmer
    has been developed for a specific purpose: to locate all PST files, which withhold email addresses, but fail to prove visibility within your Outlook account.

    This is a common issue, which the E-mail ID Farmer will solve in no time at all and as best as possible.

    To complete this task, all you need to do is to add all PST files which you need to scan and the E-mail ID Farmer will do the rest!

    This software has been tested and proved its resistance on grounds of “how much” can it bare, being able to process 44+ GB of PST files at once, which means that it can also process approximately over 67.000 email addresses in just a few frail minutes.

    Of course, this doesn’t mean the E-mail ID Farmer can’t handle more, on the contrary, this professional too, can handle even more challenging amount of files and emails addresses, without facing additional problems or having to freeze during the process.

  3. The E-mail ID Farmer is able to select and filter email addresses from various domains

    Depending on what you want or need, the E-mail ID Farmer can filter only the email addresses which you need it to process. You may need an address to own a certain domain or not, depending on your needs, now you are able to fully customize your option selection as you wish, since the E-mail ID Farmer is endowed with specific features to ease your customization process and option choices.

    Also, when choosing a domain for your email addresses, you need to separate them through either space or a coma.

    For instance: “ org”, depending on whether you want to filter it in or out, all email addresses will be sorted and filtered accordingly by the E-mail ID Farmer.

  4. The E-mail ID Farmer will alternatively collect or extract certain names along with your email addresses
    This is optional of course, but a very helpful feature when you need to associate an email address with a name. The E-mail ID Farmer will extract names along with with certain email addresses from certain fields or PST files.

    If this is not the case and do not wish to collect names along with the emails addresses, the E-mail ID Farmer owns an option, which can help you skip this step by extracting your email addresses without additional names.

    Whatever you need in terms of extracting emails addresses, you’ve got it with the E-mail ID Farmer!