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OLK14 Message Recovery on Mac

This professional product is a special APP, helping users to successfully Recover data using OLK14message files from Outlook for Mac database.

By using the OLK14 Message Recovery app, all users can recover anything from: emails, calendars and contacts from OLK14messages, from your Outlook database.

So, what are OLK 14 Message files? OLK 14 Message files are best described as files extension created and used by Outlook for Mac. The OLK 14 Message file, contains the email’s header information and also the email body contents, but also stored separately.

The Outlook for Mac successfully uses these files and creates new display message overviews when browsing for your personal emails. For example, when you are downloading email, Outlook for Mac creates new copies for the email messages in these OLK14 Message files.

How can this great app help you personally? Please read more about its features below:

1. Recovery from Outlook for Mac

With this tool you can successfully recover emails from OLK14 Message files directly, by using this App you are recovering email data straight from the source and will not end up corrupting or losing your items in the process.

This tool is extremely practical when you can’t export OLM files, because the Outlook for Mac keeps crashing, indeed this is not enough to stop the OLK14 Message Recovery from doing it job.

2. Can Provide Multiple Format Conversions

As mentioned before, with the OLK14 Message Recovery App, you can successful recover emails, but you can also convert them to multiple formats like MBOX and PST, to be completely compatible to Apple Mail or Thunderbird or Outlook Windows, when you need to export them further.

3. Data Integrity is Preserved

Preserving data integrity means that when you are using the OLK14 Message Recovery App, you are assured that all files are processed the same and under the same hierarchy as they were originally in Outlook Mac 2011.

Nevertheless with the OLK14 Message Recovery you can accomplish anything you need in its professional criteria and is indeed a great App to use, to recover multiple emails from Outlook for Mac. If you are looking for quality, efficiency and safety, the OLK14 Message Recovery is the App for you.

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