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img-cross-platformWe at Gladwev sympathize with you, and perfectly understand the importance of your emails content, this is why we have developed special software’s such as the PST Converter Pro, OLM to PST Converter Pro, The Mail Passport Pro and so more.

People have preferences of course, but with time they might considerably change. We provide freedom to roam from Windows to Mac and vice versa. Microsoft Outlook Data files (PST) format to Mac Mail, Entourage, Thunderbird and Outlook for Mac 2011 or from Mac’s Apple Mail to Windows Microsoft Outlook Data files (PST) format, from Outlook for Mac 2011 (OLM) format to Microsoft Outlook Data files (PST) format. We’re not just talking about lifetime contacts, schedules, social calendars and other important account information, which may present some personal value to a person. What can be done in such a delicate situation? Through worries and stay happy and try our demo version. Those who worked with Outlook for Windows, for years, would face some serious data loss if they would try to move their stuff to Mac, which is Apple. We`re not just talking about emails, we`re talking about lifetime contacts, schedules, social calendars and other important account information, which may present some personal value to a person. What can be done in such a delicate situation?

Throw Worrines . Stay Happy 🙂

Now you will not have to worry about a thing since we are here to offer you our best and most reliable solutions, related to email conversion yet!

Because the E-mail is a form of communication and a part of an operating system such as: Microsoft Windows and/or Apple, which clearly are two very distinctive systems, as a consequence, the E-mail had to suffer some changes as well, by blending perfectly to one or the other.

Of course, the “core” of the E-mail has been faithfully preserved, but its features have suffered additional changes. For example, Microsoft Windows e-mails will never be recognized by Apple, not in a million years, simply because they both work with different formats. It`s like trying to adjust a square into a perfectly round hole. That would never work, right? It is the same with Windows and Apple.

We, at Gladwev, have the answer, at least for this particular problem and more. We have been continuously growing for the past 5 years, engaging to nothing but hard work and high-standardized performances, where we try to offer our target public the best, the versatile and the accessible.

As a reference, we have developed several softwares which deal with the conversion of various items and files to various formats and email applications, such as:

The PST Converter Pro is an exceptional conversion, migrating tool which enables you to Convert Microsoft Outlook for Windows PST to Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008, Outlook for Mac 2011, MBOX format, EML format under an accurate conversion process leaving you with flawless outcome every time!

PST Converter Pro

The PST Converter Pro can also:

  • Convert Password protected PST files
  • Preserves all Attachments, without having to modify its contents at all
  • Preserves all Unicode Content
  • Deals with nested or well-hidden messages


The OLM Converter Pro is a professional conversion and migrating tool will enhances the productivity of the conversion process, by having the capability of providing you with immaculate content with every conversion you need to perform from OLM to Apple Mail.

The OLM Converter Pro can migrate your Outlook for Mac 2011, contacts, social calendars to:

OLM Converter Pro
  • Apple Mail or Mac Mail
  • Microsoft® Entourage 2004/2008
  • Postbox
  • Convert all addresses from OLM files to Apple Address book
  • Convert all events from OLM Calendars to iCal
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and other which are compatible


The OLM to PST Converter Pro amazes with its professionalism and capability all together in matters of conversion or migrating files from one email application to another such as: Outlook for Mac 2011 to Microsoft Outlook for Windows in PST format. The outcome will always be flawless and accurate, leaving you to enjoy the conversion experience at a whole different level!

OLM to PST Converter Pro

The OLM to PST Converter Pro can:

  • Transfer OLM files to PST
  • Preserve all Non-English Content
  • Preserve all needed email attachments
  • Covert all events from OLM Calendars to Outlook for Windows
  • Convert all addresses from OLM files to Outlook for Windows
  • Handle loads and loads of OLM files regardless of their amount and size


The Mail to PST Converter is a professional conversion tool, which is known to help Apple users access their mails in Outlook for Windows. The Apple Mail will convert all needed files, leaving you with amazing outcome and with the pleasure of viewing all emails on Outlook for Windows, within minutes!

Apple Mail to PST Converter

Mail to PST can:

  • Move all necessary emails to Microsoft Outlook for Windows in PST format
  • Convert EML files
  • Covert all emails in record time, without wasting your precious time and money
  • Support multiple formats such as: Apple Mail Database, EML, EMLX, MBOX, Apple Mail Account Export, RGE format
  • Has an eye-friendly, easy to use graphical interface, versatile wizard base transition


The Mail Exporter Pro is an extremely versatile and professional exporting tool, which takes care of all needed emails from your Inbox.

Mail Exporter Pro

With the help of the Mail Exporter Pro, you can now easily:

  • Convert Apple Mail to Outlook Mac 2011
  • Convert Apple Mail to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008
  • Convert Apple Mail to Mozilla Thunderbird

All of the above will be completed under a very high success rate, making the Mail Exporter Pro the kind of software that should not be missed out on!

The Mail Passport Pro helps you convert the following to PST Outlook for Windows:

Mail Passport Pro
  • Apple Mac Mail
  • Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008
  • RGE
  • MBOX
  • EML
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • PostBox

Now, converting your PST files to all of the above will prove to be as simple as and as efficient as ever, with the Mail Passport Pro, therefore we encourage you to start your conversion immediately and be stunned with the results and utter professionalism of the Mail Passport Pro!

The Mail Passport Lite comes as proficient, self-explanatory software, which helps you, as our client or potential client to convert PST files from Outlook for Windows, to certain formats such as MBOX and EML as easily and as efficient as possible!

Mail Passport Light

Get your own Mail Passport Lite now and start your conversions immediately!

Entourage to PST Converter will convert all needed files with the accurate outcome you might expect, never disappointing its clients in any way. All content will suffer an appropriate, flawless conversion every time.

Entourage to PST Converter

The Entourage to PST Converter can convert all RGE emails from Microsoft Entourage Archive to Microsoft Outlook for Windows in PST Format.


All of the above can be efficiently achieved with our very own Email ID Farmer, which can perform all of the above and more:

Email ID Farmer
  • The PST Converter Pro will convert all emails, contacts and social calendars within minutes and without modifying the items content in any way
  • The PST Converter Pro also preserves all the folders hierarchical structure
  • The PST Converter Pro preserves all UNICODE content, which means it can handle Non-English content, by preserving it faithfully, even if it happens to be in double-byte characters such as Chinese or Japanese.

Of course, the PST Converter Pro can perform all of the above at its best when it comes to converting Outlook for Windows or PST files to Mac compatible applications, but what happens if someone wishes to perform the exact opposite? To go from Mac to Windows, is that possible? Is there a legitimate software that can perform the exquisite, the exceptional?

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Our Vision at Gladwev soon materialized into a long desired goal, which emphasizes on 5 important aspects:

Why these qualities? Because we cope only with Excellency regarding our software, we believe in the People who need our services and sustain our public image through constant requests and positive feedbacks, because we offer our undeniable Respect not just for our team of experts, as for ourselves, but for our target public and loyal clients, who has been there for us and vice-versa, also because we thrive through Professionalism, by updating and regularly fixing our software, so that our customers always get the best and only the best, and last but not least we believe in Integrity because we know who we are, what we want, what our goals are and what we need to offer our public by always fighting for: Professional Recognition and Respect!

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