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PST Converter Pro


The PST Converter Pro is not your typical conversion/migration tool, it owns UNIQUE, proficient features, which professionally enhances a typical conversion/migration process, which other programs struggle to perform.

The PST Converter Pro will easily do its job not just flawless, but within minutes, taking care of your items during the conversion, making sure that NOTHING is: lost, modified, divided, or corrupted in any way! Everything that the PST Converter Pro does, reflects professionalism and efficiency!

The PST Converter pro performs without exception, everything that other software’s perform and more!

For example, in addition to its basic features, the PST Converter Pro:

  1. Performs conversions directly onto your personal MAC

    The PST Converter Pro will convert all of your PST files directly from your MAC, which basically means that the PST Converter Pro does not rely on having your Outlook Installed or working on a Windows operating system.

    Now, you can simply convert all needed PST files on your MAC fast and efficient, no strings attached!

  2. Performs comprehensive vCard conversion

    The PST Converter Pro will flawlessly preserve all, this included: contact photos and Unicode content in Japanese and Chinese. The PST Converter Pro ca “read”, convert and migrate all non-English content without having to modify it at all.

    While preserving all of the above, it also has the ability to process over 60 Outlook Contacts Fields at once and again, with 0% chance of error. Nothing slips, nothing is lost but faithfully preserved.

    Also, the PST Converter Pro allows you to transfer all of your need contacts in one single vCard file, to be sure that everything is placed together and not divided or placed in more than one location!

    Now that you have been acquainted with some of the PST Converter Pro`s basic features, we would now like to present its UNIQUE/EXTRA ones:

  1. The PST Converter Pro is able to convert all Outlook for PC PST emails to Apple Mail Archive or  MBOX format

    The PST Converter Pro will securely convert all needed emails from Outlook to an MBOX format as efficient and fast as possible.

    Since, the MBOX format is a standardized, versatile format, it can be read and recognized by mail applications such as: Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage Archive or other compatible email platform available.

    Also, in this case your folder`s hierarchical structure will be preserved accordingly.

  2. The PST Converter Pro is able to Convert your Outlook to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 or PST to Entourage

    The PST converter Pro will convert all needed items, which include: emails, social calendars, contacts and other account information from your Outlook for Windows to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008.

    All of these items will be preserved accordingly by the PST Converter Pro, while at the same time it will preserve your folder`s hierarchical structure in Entourage.

    The PST Converter Pro, performs a clean, fluid job, leaving all of you items as they were initially, without having to modify your content or loss data.

  3. The PST Converter Pro your Outlook files to EML format or PST to EML format

    EML is a standardized format compatible with various mail applications such as: Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Windows Live Mail or other compatible mail applications available at this time.

    The PST Converter Pro will easily convert you Outlook mails to an ELM format in no time at all!

  4. The PST Converter Pro will convert all password protected PST files and items

    A password protected PST file is no match for the PST Converter Pro, since it will perform its job as flawless as usually, overseeing this impediment successfully.

  5. The PST Converter Pro will faithfully preserve all UNICODE Content

    Another practical feature of the PST Converter Pro. Regardless of the language, the PST Converter Pro will preserve all Unicode content including double-byte languages such as: Chinese and Japanese.

    We understand the value, which your items hold, this is why we have developed this UNIQUE feature of the PST Converter Pro, to make sure that all content, including Non-English is preserved and converted accordingly and within minutes!

  6. The Pst Converter Pro preserves all Message Attachments

    Most emails hold attachments, which are usually important to most people. Due to this necessity, we have developed this feature for the PST Converter Pro, to make sure that everything is perfectly preserved and converted, even attachments!

  7. The PST Converter Pro preserved all Nested Messages

    The PST Converter Pro does not overlook anything, not even nested messages which are hidden within other emails. All nested messages are offered preferential treatment, since the PST Converter Pro will convert all of them no matter what.

    Depending on your targeted format, you are able to convert your nested messages to MBOX format or ELM easily!