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Mail Exporter Pro

Mail Exporter Pro

The Mail Exporter Pro is a very useful, professional migration and conversion tool, which allows you to export various mails from one email application to another.
Because of this efficient email migration and conversion tool, you are now able you easily move all necessary emails to alternative email applications such as the following: Outlook for Mac, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 and last but not least, convert EMLX files to EML files.

These above are the Mail Exporter Pro’s professional abilities, which will be explained further within this article, so read ahead and learn how easy and fast your mail are to be exported or converted in just a few minutes!

1. Mail Exporter Pro will transfer Apple Mail to Outlook Mac/ Microsoft Entourage/ Mozilla Thunderbird
Here the Mail Exporter Pro will successfully migrate your emails from Apple Mail to Entourage, Thunderbird or Outlook for Mac as fast and easy as possible.
While exporting your emails from Apple Mail to the above email applications, the Mail Exporter Pro will also:

• Preserve your folders hierarchical structure
• Preserve your email attachments as well
• Preserve, support and recognize Unicode content ( emails which are in various foreign languages)
• Mail data will be imported automatically into Outlook for Mac

2. Mail Exporter Pro converts EMLX files to EML

The EMLX format belongs to Apple Mail, therefore when needing to export these files to other email applications such as Thunderbird, Entourage or Mac; you will need to convert EMLX to EML.
The Mail Exporter Pro is capable of converting all emails and attachments which present themselves in the EMLX format to EML in just a few easy steps and under minutes!

The Mail Exporter Pro proves its efficiency by converting every EMLX file which you have in your Apple Mail, including nested messages, which alternative software’s have failed to detected and further support an appropriate conversion process for these types of files.

Another ingenious capability which the Mail Exporter Pro can perform is detecting corrupt and un-cached emails and attachments by offering you an authentic log report by reveling what emails or attachments are eligible for a successful conversion and which are not.

3. Mail Exporter Pro recovers your emails from various sources through a highly capable and versatile wizard

The Mail Exporter Pro takes into consideration every email, file and attachment which you need to process. If you have your Mac, Apple Mail or Apple Mail Archive which has been previously exported, saved on a disk, you are assured that the Mail Exporter Pro will successfully process them also through a simple command.

The Mail Exporter Pro responds under a versatile, easy to use wizard which takes you through every step you may need to take in order to export or convert your files.
Under these self-explanatory steps you are able to export your personal EML or MBOX files to Microsoft Entourage Archive 2004/2008 and further migrate them Outlook for Mac or Thunderbird, Postbox and other platforms as such.

The Mail Exporter Pro will also save you a lot of time since it successfully runs on Mac directly!