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Feedback from USA 

Quick and Painless ★★★★★

by ButOfCourse – Version 1.4.2 – Jul 15, 2013

So I just purchased this app because I was looking for a simple way to migrate away from Outlook 2011 on Mac. I’ve want to move out of Outlook for awhile (too many reasons to list) but have been stuck in it because I couldn’t find a simply way to get out. Well, OLM Converter Pro was the ticket to escape. There were no reviews on this app posted yet so I was a little worried as I do rely on customer feedback when deciding to purchase software but I figured I’d take a chance. I’m happy to say that OLM Converter Pro works exactly as advertised. It took my 20k+ emails in Outlook, thousands of contacts and calendar items and moved them into formats that I could import into Apple’s Mail, Contact and Calendar programs. We’re talking all in about 30 minutes, no errors, no hiccups and no problems of any kind. My Outlook folders are all there, the attachments, the original sent/received times, everything. Only thing missing from OLM Converter’s instructions was the need to use Finder to change .VCF and .ICS files so that they open with Contacts and Calendar respectively instead of Outlook as the default. Now I just need to move my Notes out of Outlook and it’s bye bye bye! Thanks!


It’s so easy! Worked like a dream!! ★★★★★

by missmacgoo – Version 1.3.3 – Feb 10, 2013

Spent hours reading online trying to find out how to transfer my calendar from Office 2011 v. 14.1.0 (mac) into iCal (Lion OSX 10.7.5) until I found this app. It’s so easy, and it took me only 5 minutes to do! It worked like a dream, and saved me a lot of time!! Thank you. :))


Expensive but works like a charm ★★★★★

by Thorborg – Version 1.3.3 – Jan 14, 2013

I had high hopes for this tool, since i really needet to export data from Outlook 2011 to Apple Mail. It did the job without loosing attachments or mails. I am super happy, worth every penny.


SUCCESS!! ★★★★★

by N6452Q – Version 1.1 – Jul 6, 2012

After countless hours of trying to export to MBOX and then import into Mail, i finally gave up and tried this app. the problem with MBOX was that emails were not getting translated correctly and all emails were not importing. My total import was 17 folders consisting of over 84,000 emails from a 7 year period. it took about 90 minutes, but, it was a perfect conversion. BYE BYE MICROSOFT!!


This App freed me from my PC and Windows!!!!!!!! ★★★★★

by rpita7 – Version 1.1 – Jun 17, 2012

This is an excellent program!!! After extensive research on how to convert a pst or olm file to Mail I was beginning to think it was not possible. This is the only solution I could find to convert a Mac olm file from Outlook for Mac to Mail. (I did find numerous possibilities converting from Outlook for Windows but I had already done this previously.) Converting my email was my last step in completely converting from PC to Mac. Since this may be the first review written for this App I will give a little bit of explanation . . . . I have used Outlook (and/or Outlook Express back in the day) for over 15 years and had almost 10,000 saved emails, not to mention my calendar items and contacts. When I made the switch to a Mac, and subsequently added an iPhone and iPad to my collection, I was having trouble syncing all of my devices with Outlook for Mac. I have been searching for a solution to convert my e-mail to Mac so that all of my devices are syncing correctly. (Solutions to fix the contacts and calendar items was easy . . . the e-mail, not so much.) Since I use this for my business it was extremely important for me to be able to convert them to Mail. I downloaded this App and made an OLM file of my Outlook and started the conversation. It was absolutely awesome! All of my emails, contacts and calendars were transferred exactly as I had them in Outlook! I couldn’t be happier! I gave this App 5-stars because I believe it is excellent and does exactly what it claims! If there is anything negative to say I guess it would be it is a little pricey. I found an Outlook for Windows conversation program that was almost a ¼ of the price of this App, but, having to spending this amount of money to be completely free of my PC and Windows to convert to my Mac was worth it to me!


Great App! No complications! ★★★★★

by ElGabo8 – Version 1.5 – Jul 25, 2013

I just left my job and migrated all my pst outlook emails to my mac. I was so worried that all of my contacts and emails would be lost. With this app I was able to convert all of them so that my mac computer could read them all!! Now I have them in my Mac and I’m able to browse through them at any time!!! Thank you PST Converter Pro!


Worked perfectly for my needs ★★★★★

by Hoover, Esq. – Version 1.5 – Jun 7, 2013

I needed to pull the email documents out of a .PST document from a PC-only/Outlook dependant client. This was perfect. I appreciate the option to export to .EML which are more OS X friendly (compatible with QuickLook).


Fantastic product, well worth the price! One caveat: SMIME email ★★★★★

by ckib16 – Version 1.5 – Jan 27, 2013

One of the best utilities I’ve used. Anyone trying to convert from Outlook to another email client knows it is painful drudgery. This app relieves the pain. It is quick, efficient, does not require Outlook to be installed and very affordable. I converted 50,000+ emails from about a decade worth of .pst files. The UI is well done with great explanations on how to import the results into or other clients. Much better than other pst converters like “O2M” and “Emailchemy”. Nice reports to view results after export is completed. One caveat: I work in government and therefore have many SMIME emails (digitally signed and/or encrypted emails). Unfortunately cannot view or decrypt these emails after export from .pst. These emails appear with a SMIME.P7M attachment isntead of plain text. However, I have not found any other .pst converter app that preserves SMIME certificates for viewing in other email clients. Just a note.


Amazing! ★★★★★

by PatC60 – Version 1.5 – Jan 24, 2013

I am not a overly computer literate, nor am I a computer dunce, but it was amazingly easy to convert my old Outlook email folders into Apple mailboxes. First, using Outlook on my old PC, I exported each of my Outlook mail folders separatedly as pst files. I saved the pst files on a flash drive and transfered them to my new Mac. I used PST Converter Pro to turn the pst files into mbox files. I then imported the mbox files into Apple mail. The coversions were very fast, and it only took a little time organizing & arranging my new mailboxes. This also worked for my Outlook Inbox file. I just did it separately as its own pst file. Great app!


I spent a week looking for a solution… ★★★★★

by windowsnomore – Version 1.4 – Feb 27, 2012

This is perfect. I was able to convert my contacts, calendar and email. No issues. Well worth the money.


Worth the cost ★★★★★

by AppBuyin – Version 1.4 – Feb 26, 2012

This app was pricey compared to some others. However, it was able to import 6 different PST files totally over 5 Gig in size. It imported my calendar events and contacts as well. I had to use the Mac Address Book to merge duplicate contacts though. Great app! Buy it and save yourself a lot of hassle.


Feedback from Australia

Excellent & easy to use ★★★★★

by Rooboy18_69 – Version 1.4.2 – Jul 3, 2013

By far the easiest product to export & import mail!!!!


It Works! ★★★★★

by Captain Vortex – Version 1.5 – Dec 28, 2012

I was a bit apprehensive downloanding this and being first to stick my head out without any reviews risking 20 bucks to boot but am happy to say it works. It converted over 6000 outlook emails (620mg) into mac mail in a few minutes. Hope it converts this well for everyone else!


Great app ★★★★★

by wmpeter – Version 1.4 – Jun 17, 2012

Worked first time, agree with other reviews – just get it done.


Worth The Money! ★★★★★

by JumpingJimmyJackFlash – Version 1.4 – May 30, 2012

20 Bucks, save me googling for an hour…..get it, do it, forget about it!


Does the job ★★★★★

by Walknuts – Version 1.4 – May 16, 2012

Logical and easy to use. Did the job for me perfectly. What more could I ask? Thank you, developers. I now have all my old Outlook emails with my other emails in Apple Mail. Terrific!


Feedback from Belgium

It works good and really good support! ★★★★★

by Liesenborghs – Version 1.1 – Jun 19, 2012

great customers support and the program works really good! thank you!


Feedback from Italy

Fantastica ★★★★★

by Simoz84 – Version 1.3.3 – Mar 25, 2013

Ho provato in mille modi a trasferire il mio archivio mail Outlook 2011 (formato olm) sulla app mail Mac…. senza mai riuscirvi. Oggi sono riuscito a convertire ben 38.000 mail… con grande successo! Utilissima…


Simply perfect ★★★★★

by giorso – Version 1.5 – Jul 1, 2013

This app simply saved my (working) life. Easy, well explained, no missing of document/attachment/font at all. Many thanks.


Feedback from Turkey


by Tunc Elmas MSN – Version 1.2.2 – Sep 2, 2012

Best and safe app ever and great support TWO THUMBS UP

Do not waste time to look for alternative methods ★★★★★

by Bercakir – Version 1.4 – Oct 5, 2012

I skipped 2 times to immagrate from PC to MAC because of my +20GB outlook email transfers. i tried many alternative methods but almost faced with some problem. some of them didn’t transfer all the emails, some of them didn’t able to convert multi language emails such as chinese, turkish etc. but PST convertor pro did it’s job simply and end my all fears about immigration from PC to MAC. congrulation. definite buy !


Feedback from UK

Does exactly what is says on the box ★★★★★

by sundeep 65 – Version 1.3.3 – Jan 29, 2013

For those of you who made the same mistake as me and blindly uploaded your outlook .pst file to outlook 2011 when your switched form PC to Mac and then lost the will to live with a piece of microsoft software that doesn’t even work properly with microsoft exchange and which microsofts own technical support can’t help you with – This piece of software is your saviour! It is simple to use and converts your .olm file to an Apple Mbox format (and several other formats) allowing you to be free of outlook 2011 forever. This is worth every penny as it finally allows you to break free of Outlook 2011.


Like Ronseal: it does what it says on the tin ★★★★★

by col badger – Version 1.5 – Jan 6, 2013

Straightforward to use and successful without any hitches. It converted a 5GB pst archive to mac mailbox perfectly, attachments and all. Very useful


Import into MBox folder on desktop first ★★★★

by Pete Bamford – Version 1.4 – Aug 19, 2012

I tried importing into Apple Mail and it didn’t show the folders so i saved the mbox files to a folder on my desktop and then imported these MBox files into apple mail. this worked brilliantly.


So simple I thought I ★★★★

by doughall – Version 1.4 – Jun 3, 2012

This app was just what I’d been looking for to finally break the link to my work laptop and Outlook. I love the search of mac mail however it’s no good having great search if you cannot access the files you have your mails in. PST converter pro solves this problem and I’d have happily paid a lot more for this solution. The reason I did not give the full 5 stars is because the GUI is not really very mac like and could be improved however there are a lot of great looking apps that don’t do what they should so Gladwev certainly have focus on what matters given it’s an app you use infrequently. If the app GUI was improved I’d probably buy it again simply to show my support. Good work Gladwev. One very happy customer.


Deceptively easy to use ★★★★★

by AntonyPMH – Version 1.4 – Apr 23, 2012

I needed to pull out my calendar from an old Windows Outlook PST file. This program just did the job without any fuss – my attempts to do the same task three years ago involved a mash-up between PCs and Macs. This time, the job was done with great ease.


Too easy..! ★★★★

by Nickname_selection_bored – Version 1.4 – Mar 22, 2012

I had Outlook mail on my old PC which I had not got around to transferring to Apple mail. When I got my 1st iMac I had researched various software options described in a “Switching to Mac” handbook, but I was not convinced – it looked a complicated process. Today I stumbled across “PST converter Pro” software and decided to give it a try. It worked very easily; download software from App shop – about 10 seconds, run ‘PST pro’ programme on Outlook .pst files copied onto a memory stick from the old PC, again only took seconds and all the e-mails appeared in Apple mail. One piece of advice is you have to know where to locate the .pst files in the Windows file system; it is not that hard but it is a step that might trip up people. Use Windows ‘find’ option to locate Outlook .pst files. I have given the software 4 stars instead of 5 as it cost £13. Still seems good value.


Feedback from Switzerland

Einfach gut! ★★★★★

by kuhaef – Version 1.5 – Feb 20, 2013

Das ist eine unkomplizierte App welche auch das macht was beschrieben ist! BRAVO. Selbst ANSI kopierte Outlook.PST Datei konvertiert und sauber in einen Ordner abgelegt, nach Adressen, Termine und Applemail. Geld wert!


Outlook pst Export Files to Apple Mail = beste Lösung ★★★★★

by wHisP3r – Version 1.3 – Nov 26, 2011

Hab ja schon einiges probiert. Aber diese App ist jeden Taler wert. Gute Investition, vorallem im Consumer-Support sinnvoll, wenn man mal wieder die ewig grossen Outlook PST Folder importieren muss. Genial. Danke


Feedback from Sweden

Works! No problems! ★★★★★

by cover_boy – Version 1.5 – Jun 21, 2013

Works very painless and fast (I exported the .psd from Windows XP with 10 years of e-mails in less than 20 minutes, 1.6 GB). One hour later without the slightest fuss everything was imported in Apple Mail and up and running. Imported e-mails are sorted in neat folders and subfolders (separated, not mixed up with excisting e-mails – good – and you have to manually drag-and-drop them to the desired places, his is simple but will take hours, but the program have taken care of the reaaly difficult problem to get everything inside Apple Mail. Very good manual. Fair Price. The “other program” (from another manufacturer) for the same task, the one often recommended in online discussions, didn’t work for me. I had almost given up my ambition to move from Windows Outlook 2003 to Apple Mail as I found this one in the Apple Appstore. Highly recommended. Buy.


Feedback from Spain

Works well ★★★★★

by pablosol2 – Version 1.4 – Apr 8, 2012

It works well, easy to use. No problem with hundreds of mails converted. Recommended


Feedbacks from Netherland

helemaal goed en lekker simpel ★★★★★

by Wim TGN – Version 1.4 – Jul 12, 2012

Een kind kan verder de was doen. Ik had een Pst bestand van 1,9 Gb door vooral de vele zware bijlagen. Dat was binnen 10 minuten omgezet en direct benaderbaar vanuit de hele mappenstructuur. Dus ik ben helemaal tevreden.


Uitstekend! ★★★★★

by Jahuno – Version 1.4 – May 17, 2012

Deze tool werkt echt uitstekend. Ik had een outlook pst bestand opgebouwd van ruim 10.000 mails (grootte 942MB). Dit bestand heeft hij in zo’n 10 minuten volledig en correct ingelezen en geconverteerd naar Apple Mail onder Lion. Ook de attachments zijn goed “overgekomen”. De folders / mails worden in een archief map geplaatst die “Geimporteerd” heet; ze komen dus niet tussen andere e-mailberichten te staan. Deze tool is zijn geld echt dubbel en dwars waard.


Super tool ★★★★★

by 123 Susanne – Version 1.4 – Mar 13, 2012

werkt, razendsnel, in een paar minuten gedownload en duizenden mailtjes uit outlook.pst over naar apple mail. inclusief mappenstructuur etc. volledig zijn geld waard.


Ik ben zoooooooooo gelukkig hiermee! ★★★★★

by Gerben Hoogendam – Version 1.3 – Jan 3, 2012

Ik ken emailchemy, outlook2mac, allerlei migratietools, maar hier wordt ik helemaal blij van! Sleur en pleur een PST File erin, en hij zet het keurig netjes over, en ook nog een gigantisch snel! Aanrader, ik heb dit soort tools veel nodig voor mijn werk, maar dit is de eerste keer dat een dergelijk programma werkt zoals het écht hoort! Tnx!


Feedback from Mexico

Excelente Programa / Excellent Program ★★★★★

by cesar corona rodriguez – Version 1.4 – Jun 13, 2012

El mejor de todos los programas que he probado para poder migrar correo, contactos y calendario de Outlook (pc) a Mail (Mac). Es muy fácil de usar y a diferencia de otros programas este te importa todo automáticamente. Lo recomiendo! The Best of all the programs I have tried to migrate mail, contacts and calendar from Outlook (PC) to Mail (Mac). It is very easy to use and unlike other programs, this do it all automatically. I recommend it!


Feedback from INDIA

Awesome ★★★★★

by scorpio2007 – Version 1.3 – Sep 17, 2011

I had to migrate 20GB email data spread across various PST files that were created from Outlook 2007. Since our Exchange server version was 2003, Office 2011 for Mac could not be used and only Entourage 2008 was supported. Since Entourage does not understand PST files, this became a big head-ache for me. After struggling to find a suitable solution for the past few days, finally I came across this App. There were many positive reviews about this and wanted to try it myself. It is just awesome. Ability to use many PST files for merging into one Entourage archive is very handy. This way, I could combine many PST files and created one archive so that import operation is fairly easy on Entourage side. Really super fast, efficient and literally no crashes and errors. Worked flawlessly and even the import was a seemless process. Entourage did not complain at all. Overall, very good job guys. Keep it up!!!


Feedback from Germany

Unglaublich einfach ★★★★★

by chriwode – Version 1.5 – Mar 13, 2013

Nachdem ich Tagelang das Internet nach kostenfreien Konvertern durchsucht habe und nicht passen/funktionierendes gefunden, hatte ich mich doch entschlossen diesen Konverter zu kaufen. Das Geld ist es wirklich wert! Es geht wirklich schnell, unkompliziert und vorallem es geht nichts verloren.


Ein Muss für Alle die viele Daten aus Outlook auf dem MAC mitnehmen wollen. ★★★★★

by RallyeSchorsch – Version 1.5 – Feb 15, 2013

Wirklich gutes Tool. Macht was es soll. O2M tat das nicht und ist auch eine “Kaufware”. Insbesondere wenn man viele Mails mit Unterordnern hat kommt man an diesem Tool nicht vorbei. Schade ist nur das man dieses Tool zusätzlich kaufen muss. Apple sollte sich von dieser Fa. mal offiziell unterstützen lassen, wie man so etwas direkt in den Migratiosassistent integriert. Eine offizielle Empfehlung für jeden Windows nach MAC Umsteiger hätte es aber in jdem Fall verdient.


.pst – mbox – Apple mail – in 2 Minuten ca. 5000 mails konvertiert ★★★★★

by Grumman driver – Version 1.5 – Dec 8, 2012

Nachdem apple support mir gestand, dass seit einiger Zeit der direkte Import von.pst in die apple mail (über Ablage) nicht mehr angeboten wird, und ich mein Unverständnis als neuer Macbook Pro Retina Kunde zum Ausdruck gebracht habe, fand ich diesen Konverter. Kaum zu glauben aber alle ca. 500 mails waren mit allen Ordnern und Unterordnern in ca. 2 Minuten in mbox Format umgewandelt. Der Import der mbox in Apple klappte ebenso reibungslos. Gebrauchsanweisung nicht gelesen. 3 mal selbsterklärend button gedrückt. Bin begeistert. Vergesst tagelanges Herumsuchen. Das tool ist das kleine Geld wert, selbst, wenn man wie ich nur die emails (und nicht Kalender etc.) konvertiert haben möchte. Shame on apple, dass ihr Eure neuen Wechselkunden nur über ein app an Eure apple mail lasst. Ganz falsche Politik!


Super! ★★★★★

by R007-98765 – Version 1.5 – Nov 13, 2012

Ca. 15000 Einträge in .pst-Files, Kontakte, Kalender. Alles korrekt und schnell ins Apple-Format konvertiert. Verzeichnis-Hierachien in PST-Files bleiben erhalten und können 1 zu 1 in Mail übernommen werden. Absolut top und easy zu bedienen! Spart Zeit und schont die Nerven. Meiner Meinung nach ist diese App ihr Geld wert…


Sehr Hilfreich Super App ★★★★★

by MiWe59 – Version 1.4 – Aug 22, 2012

Nachdem ich verschiedene Programme in der Trailversion probiert habe bin ich auf PST Converter gestoßen und habe es gekauft. Alle Convertierungen gehen sehr schnell, (Am längsten warte Mann auf die Erstellung der PST Datei in Windows) Die Importierte Daten sind sauber aufgegliedert in den entsprechenden Ordner und sofort nutzbar. Sehr schönes Programm das sein Geld wert ist. Schnell Problemlose Übertragung von Outlook nach Apple Mail und Adressbuch. Vielen Dank


Funktioniert bestens! Einfache Handhabung ★★★★★

by kathyaachen – Version 1.4 – May 23, 2012

Nach meiner Umstellung von PC auf Mac wollte ich zunächst mit Mac Outlook weiterarbeiten, was sich allerdings nicht als besonders praktikabel herausstellte. Die lokalen Postfächer konnte ich anfänglich wunderbar als mbox importieren, doch plötzlich (wahrscheinlich nach einem Update) wurden mir alle Mails codiert angezeigt. Nirgends eine Lösung, auch nicht beim telefonischen Apple Support. Mögliche Anzeige-Einstellungen griffen nicht und nach vielen Stunden Suche im Internet bin ich auf dieses Programm gestoßen. Da es seit der Umestellung auf Mac das bereits zehnte kostenpflichtige Programm ist, sperrte ich mich anfänglich gegen die erneuten Kosten. Nach weiteren Stunden des Probierens war klar: “Zeit ist Geld” und am Ende lohnte sich diese Anschaffung. Sehr einfach zu bedienen, keine HTML-Codierungen mehr, keine Textverschlüsselungen – einfach super. Und man kann wählen, welche lokalen Postfächer ex- bzw. importiert werden, oder ebenfalls auch Kontakte und Kalendereinträge. Nutzung in meinem Falle: PST Datei, kopiert vom PC auf den Mac. Und da die Entwickler auch ihre Arbeit hatten, ist der Preis am Ende gerechtfertigt.


Einwandfreier Export ★★★★★

by MetalKingCrown – Version 1.4 – Jan 30, 2012

Ich kann diese App nur weiterempfehlen… Nach dem Umstieg von PC auf Mac habe ich 10.000 Mails und zig Kontakte und Termine von Outlook nach Mail, Adressbuch und iCal übernehmen können. Die 2,5 GB große PST-Datei wurde wirklich schnell verarbeitet… Und alle Daten wurden einwandfrei mit korrekten Umlauten und HTML-Formatierungen übernommen und auch die Bedienung ist ein Kinderspiel. Natürlich ist es schade, dass man für diesen Schritt 15 Euro berappen muss… Eigentlich sollte es da andere Lösungen geben… Aber so einfach und zuverlässig es dann funktioniert hat… Das war es mir wert.


Umständlich aber tauglich ★★★★

by Willi Ediger – Version 1.4 – Jan 14, 2012

Nachdem ich auf Mac umgestiegen bin, suchte ich eine Möglichkeit meine PST (Outlook Datendatei) in das “Mac Outlouk” Entourage zu importieren. Nach langem Hin und Her bin ich dann auf PST Convertert Pro gestoßen. Nach vielen Versuchen in Einstellungsmöglichkeiten hat es dann wie gewünscht geklappt. Man sollte nur einen großzügigen Augenblick Zeit haben 😉


Geladen, Konvertiert, Importiert —> Perfekt! ★★★★★

by larsg – Version 1.3 – Nov 20, 2011

Ganz kurz: Ich hatte 4 PST Dateien aus Outlook2011 von einem Windows PC. Ich habe es auf keinem Weg der in diversen Foren beschrieben wird geschafft diese in AppleMail zu importieren – auch nicht in Thunderbird auf dem Mac. Also habe ich mich dann dazu entschlossen dieses wirklich großartige Tool zu kaufen und muss sagen es ist mir sogar eine Rezession hier wert! 5***** und auch kein Abzug wegen dem Preis! kanpp 15€ sind noch fair und wenn ich bedenke wie viel Zeit ich in meine Versuche davor gesteckt habe ist das wirklich ein Preis den ich gerne gezahlt habe. Es klappt auch alles wunderbar. Die PST (zwischen je 200MB und 1,5GB) wurden zügig in das Programm importiert und in ein AppleMail Archive Exportiert. Super finde ich auch das man einzelne Ordner deaktivieren kann. Gerade die JUNK Ordner oder Gelöschte E-Mails quillen ja gern mal über und sind eigentlich sinnlos und die Zeit beim import/export nicht wert! Apple Mail unter OSX Lion hat die Exportierten Daten einfwandfrei und ohne Fehler importiert und nach ein paar Sekunden waren sie auch indiziert. Perfekt! So gelingt der Umstieg von Outlook zu Apple – Danke für dieses Tool!


Teuer aber gut ★★★★

by theonehorst – Version 1.3 – Oct 18, 2011

Schon etwas happig, aber es gibt halt keine einfachere Möglichkeit, wenn man mal schnell was nach MacOS migrieren will. Daher top!


Feedback from Finland

Excellent software ★★★★★

by JariP – Version 1.4 – Feb 20, 2012

I moved my PC Outlook 2010 pst-files to Mac Mail. I had 2 big pst (One inbox and one archive). There was about 35000 emails and the size of the files was in total about 2,9 GB. I first checked in internet what are the possibilities. There are several ways of doing the import but most of them were quite complicated. These are my work emails so I really need them to be migrated correctly and easily. So I checked Apps Store and found this PST Converter Pro. I purchased it because it seemed to do the migration easily. I was expecting some difficulties, mainly due the fact of large files and complicated folder structure. But The PST Converter worked as magic. It just read the pst files and converted and imported them to Mail. Thats all. No other steps needed. I checked the emails and folder structure. Everything is correct. Even the umlaut characters are correct, so no conversion errors there. This software is excellent.


Feedback from Canada

Impresive so far !! ★★★★★

by Karelman – Version 1.1 – Jul 8, 2011

From an old outlook 2003 that couldn’t be imported from Microsoft itself ! So many things were imported, it’s hard to know if absolutelly everythings is perfect and intact so far but it seems to be. Congratualations to the developpers. Also, there is a trial version that let’s you see if it works or not before buying it. Very well tought and designed !


Feedback from Bulgaria

Worked perfectly ★★★★

by mirr0red – Version 1.2 – Aug 1, 2011

I just run an import of an 8Gb PST from Outlook 2010 into Mail 5 (Lion) and it worked perfectly, the only reason why I will not give 5 stars is that this is for most people a one time effort and 14 Euros are a little much for this.


Feedback from Austria

Einfach und effizient ★★★★★

by wilmameier – Version 1.4 – Jun 18, 2012

Ausgangslage: Umstieg von Windows auf MAC – Frage: wie bringe ich alle Outlook Daten auf MAC? Entscheidung (aufgrund von User Kommentare) für diese Software – Kauf und Download Lösung: einfache Installation, einfache Convertierung, verständliche Userführung – alle Daten wurde in alle neuen MAC tools einwandfrei, vollständig und leicht übertragen. Fazit: jeden Euro wert!